President/Founder of H.E.S.P.


Douglas Vaughn is a native of Haiti and has been on a mission to support needy children there who lack basic necessities.

He along with other H.E.S.P. group members and volunteers have made numerous mission trips to Haiti to deliver supplies, funds, distributed earthquake relief, renovate a school, hosts vision clinics, and support environmental efforts in this 3rd world country.

“I came from a poor background in Haiti. My parents couldn’t adequately support themselves and their nine children. While growing up, I was very malnourished and unable to attend school. There wasn’t any medical care or clean water to readily drink on a regular basis. It is truly God’s miracle that I survived the dismal environment in which half of my siblings died at a very early age. My future outlook appeared hopeless.”

They appreciated Doug’s work ethics and started making arrangements to bring him to Kokomo, Indiana. They wanted him to have a better life and two years later they officially adopted him.

Upon arriving in Kokomo, Doug was 13, unable to speak English, and only had six months of schooling. “When the other kids were out playing, I was studying. By the help of God, my parents, good teachers, and hard work, I was able to finish school in 8 years.”


In 1981, Doug decided to establish the non-profit organization, Haitian Environmental Support Program, to provide food, clothes and education to Haitian children.

“Since I was tremendously blessed by God and the Vaughns, I felt like I could make a positive difference in the life of at least one poor child in Haiti. Then my life wouldn’t be in vain and my purpose would be fulfilled.

H.E.S.P. started with two children. But with the grace of God and contributors, we now support 85 children. In addition, H.E.S.P. also supports projects that have been beneficial to whole communities from infants to the elderly.”     

I am looking forward to working with group members, churches, and other organizations to make positive changes in the lives of the Haitian children.