do these to your hyperactive child

Hyperactivity can make your child has difficulty in his social life. He may have trouble in communicate with friends and classmate, even with the teachers at school. The worse is he has no friends at all since he always annoys other friends. Blaming your child as a naughty boy is not true he never wants to live with hyperactivity. The process of becoming someone with hyperactivity is started when your child was in the womb. The negative actions he did at school perhaps happen because he get stressed and does not know what to do. He does not know why his friends dislike him since sometimes he cannot control himself.

The changes should be started at home. After realizing your child condition, you need to set certain actions to handle him. At home, try to create a relaxing space for you and your child. It does not have to be big, but at least it is so peaceful and free from noise. There, you can create soothing atmosphere, so that your child can feel calm and relax. Use the space to do the hobby of your child. If he likes playing with his car toys, let him free to play there. If he shows the signs of anxiety, giving a relaxing massage can be done. For example, you can touch him on his shoulder, temple, back, and legs. Your touch means a lot for the hyperactive child.

Although you get a lot of complains about your child bad behavior and attitude, you are supposed to think positively. Do not be angry to those who complain about your child. When you start to think negatively, your child will feel that and perhaps start to respond your negative feeling negatively also. He may be aggressive, yell, and cry loudly. You are allowed to be strict in certain situation because you your child has to understand the rules you have set before. If he follows your words and instruction very well, you have to reward him. Spending the time by walking around the neighborhood, playground, and even around the woods near your home can be done on weekend. Beside as a reward, walking regularly can help your child to focus on what he is doing and be healthier. His energy is spent for something meaningful.