Initial Goals of your parenting style

As a Mom or Dad, surely you are going to give your best for your child. There will be a kind of guilty feeling if you cannot provide what your child needs, cannot accompany your child anytime, cannot take her to weekend vacation, and others. Do not feel guilty too much because you have more tasks to do in parenting your child. Indeed, your child deserves to get weekend vacation but if you spend the weekend at home, it will be fine. Your greater task is determining the parenting styles which support your child character building. She has to learn which attitude is wrong and which ones are good. You also have the duty to encourage your child to learn from errors she has made before.

The first goal you have to set is your child has to be able in doing her daily activities, such as eating, dressing, and bathing. It is not acceptable everywhere if you keep feeding your seven years old lovely daughter. She has to be able in clean her own plate and eat in proper manner. Then, the next goal is she has to success at school. During pre-school and kindergarten, the school activities will be so hard because this is the time when your child learns to know and communicate to other people. She will be busy coloring, drawing, singing, and starting to learn writing and reading. At home, spend your time to help her with the reading and writing skills.

Another goal is you have to make sure she is success in her school. It does not mean that she has to be the best student is class or school. But, she has to be able in following the schedule and the lesson at school. At the beginning, perhaps your child has difficulty in comprehending the lesson and doing the homework. Some students have problems and do not want to do the homework. In this case, you need to be next to her while she is reviewing the lesson, doing the homework, and preparing for the next day lesson. Regular assistance will be fine since it also increases her self confidence at school.