Note the signs and act soon on your hyperactive child

Panic and angry are the most possible things happen on you when you have to face hyperactive child. At first, you have to know the difference between active and hyperactive child. Both of them are quite different. Active children like to have physical activities indoor and outdoor. They may ask their parents to go somewhere on the weekend and join sport club. They also become very active when they meet their cousin and friends due to their happiness. Children with hyperactive disorder are more than that. They are more disruptive and many times create trouble in school, at home and in the neighborhood. Active children are not annoying, but the hyperactive ones are annoying and often impulsive. They tend to bother others and do everything to get the parents and teachers attention.

To know whether your child is active or hyperactive, sometimes you need help from the professional. You will get exact diagnose towards your child condition. However, you may also notice his daily activities at home and at school. Ask the teachers and see the video recording about your child attitude in the classroom. At this stage you have to accept your child situation and never be panic or stressed. Indeed, it seems impossible for you not to get stressed because nobody seems like him and he is very difficult to handle. But, do not let your stressed makes you fail to handle and manage him successfully.

In raising your special child, you have to set the daily schedule. He has to be accustomed with routine especially in the daily activities like what to do in the morning and what his tasks are in the afternoon. The consistency and structure you give will make him feel secure and accustomed with the surrounding. Moreover, you may let him to express his creativity. In case your child likes drawing, provide enough drawing tools and let him draw his feeling and everything he likes. This will help your child to release the energy and decrease the hyperactivity. Once he shows the signs of starting his anger, teach him to take deep breaths. This works to control and calm the body.