What parenting style to choose?

Having a child makes you have more responsibilities. Yes, you have more tasks to do even when you just wake up in the morning. Besides, you and your couple have to agree and apply the same parenting style for your child. Actually, each home or parents apply different style based on their culture, belief, and habits. Certain habits which are considered as good in an area sometimes become bad habit in other areas. At least you have to be ready to apply the parenting style for about two decades. You have full control of your child since she was born until she is eighteen or nineteen years old. That is why you have to provide enough energy and be focus to this task.

Basically, there are three styles which are commonly known among parents. They are strict, permissive, and anything in between. Being strict or permissive is fine as long as it is suitable for your child’s characteristic. You may be strict in disciplining your child especially when she is insisting in doing something bad. Being permissive is not a big problem. You may let her playing outside, running around the park, and gardening with you on weekend. The important point is you have to make sure her safety. She should not be allowed to hold sharp items, deal with electricity and turn the stove on. When she wants to play outside, provide jacket and shoes especially in the late autumn when the weather is cooler.

If you want to choose the parenting style in between the strict and permissive, you are already at the right path. Being permissive tends to make you spoiled the child. On the other hand, being strict can make your child think that you are cruel. Or, she may lose her opportunity to see the larger world because you keep her tightly. Being in between makes you be able to choose which one should be strict and which parts you have to be permissive. It depends on the situation and the goals you want to achieve. For example, you have to be strict if your child does not want to respect other people. But, you may be permissive when your child refuses to do coloring and want to read books instead.