Why you need to keep the parenting spirit

Living with one until two years old toddler will be very interesting and challenging. You will face different things everyday and you have to be ready for the surprised given by your child. She learns new things everyday and she will proudly show you her new abilities. You must be very proud also when you realize her achievement physically and emotionally. When she is about two years, she will be able to tell you what she wants due to the improved language capacity. This is the next challenge you have to face. She may insist when she needs something or wants to do something. So, this is the point when you have to apply the parenting system suitable for your child. Discuss with your couple, so that both of you will be in the same path in parenting your child.

Another important thing is keeping the parenting spirit. At the beginning, you may have some difficulties in disciplining or explaining something because there is possibility that your child will cry. Once you get accustomed, you will know what to do and how to handle difficult situation. The parenting spirit should be kept on the top of your mind because parenting needs continuity. You cannot be strict at certain time and be permissive at the other time towards the same situation. Consistency means a lot in your parenting success. It will decrease unpleasant behavior by building limit and borders on your child behavior.

In addition, your child will be able to build the empathy, self control, happiness, and cooperation due to your parenting consistency. If you have succeeded in applying proper parenting style regularly, your child will grow to be a person who is free from any kind of disorder, such as eating and depressive disorder. It happens because she has been accustomed and taught to eat properly and healthily. She has learnt the way to control the emotion and use the energy for positive things. Commonly, a child who is raised with good parenting style will be success at school and community. These should be your goal in raising your child.